Violin lessons at Irena Fraden Home Studio near UTC in La Jolla (California)


All levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Lessons focus on the fundamentals of violin playing, technique, musical theory and artistic impression

The students are encouraged to participate in several recitals that will focus on baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary periods. These recitals are excellent for improving artistic skills and building a stage confidence.

Irena Fraden has been teaching violin for over 30 years in Europe and USA. She performed as a violinist with The New Haven and San Diego Symphony Orchestras and San Diego Chamber Orchestra, as well as gave numerous recitals in the USA and several European countries. She is a member of the California Music Teachers Association.

Irena serves as a judge of the string instruments at several prestigious music competitions.


It is recommended that students adhere to the following schedule:

30 min. - lessons for beginners

45 min. - lessons for intermediate

60 min. - lessons for advanced

To set up an appointment, call

858-552-7807 or
858-229-1975 (mobile)
or send email:
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